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21 September 2022

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Principal’s Report

It is with very mixed feelings that I write this Term 3 newsletter for 2022. My time at JTCESC has come to an end, Tash Wagstaff will be returning to her substantive position as Principal of JTCESC as of 10th October, day 1, Term 4.

This term we have managed to return in some way to normal programming with excursions for students and the availability of face-to-face Professional Learning for staff. The biggest challenge by far has been the availability of staff. We, as have all schools, been stretched to cover Covid leave on top of the normal leave. Staff have stepped up to the plate and gone the extra mile. Many Trainers/Assessors and EA’s have taking classes without teacher cover and done a brilliant job. Needless to say, all trade-offs have been well and truly covered with all this added responsibility.

The interschool activities have been reinvigorated with success at the footy carnival and return visits from Kenwick School in response to an awesome guitar gifting celebration last term. Halls Head ESC students and parents have visited and had a smooth and successful transition experience. The culmination of the transition process being a full three days at JTCESC Monday to Wednesday in Week 8.

Once again, I would like to thank every staff member at JTCESC for their support and the lessons I have learnt. I feel I am much more prepared for the challenges that lay before me at Kensington School, which is where I will be heading next for Term 4 as the Acting Level 4 Principal.

I would like to wish everyone the very best for the future, a somewhat early Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.


Cran Collis

Dates to Remember



Friday 23rd September

Last day for Term 3

Friday 23rd September

Year 12 School Ball

24th September – 9th October

School Holidays

Monday 10th October

Student Free Day

Tuesday 11th October

Students Day 1 Term 4

Friday 4th October

JTCESC EXPO – Mandurah Forum

Tuesday 1st November – 9am

School Board Meeting

Wednesday 16th – Friday 18th November

Year 12 Cadet Camp

Wednesday 23rd – Friday 25th November

Year 11 Cadet Camp

Friday 25th November

Students last day 2022

Friday 2nd December

Year 12 Graduation

Friday 16th December

Staff last day 2022


Duncan Sanders

The students in the 3 Literacy classes have continued to work well completing their English coursework. Most are well on track to pass for the year. They have worked hard analysing and reviewing both online newspaper and TV articles as well as demonstrating fundamental essay construction and writing skills by reviewing either a Movie, Film or Video Game of teenage interest.

Students have also continued to analyse and make sense of daily news updates on PerthNow and to use their visual and analytical skills to answer questions on documentaries on Bugs and Megabugs. They have found out more about leeches, flies, mosquitos to name just a few by viewing John Lydon’s documentary series. Jack has even drawn a series of pictures of each insect we have studied over the weeks and it is displayed in our classroom for all to see.

We look forward to the students finalising their English unit next term.


Julie Higham/Charm Guest/Trish Bradford

In cooking we have learnt how to handle chicken safely to avoid cross-contamination and to plan healthy meals on a limited budget. Some of the dishes that we have made include stir-fried noodles, tuna pasta bake, nachos and chicken burgers. Students are working confidently and independently to produce fabulous dishes.

Staff are proud of the high-level of safety awareness that students are displaying.

Great job guys!


Tarryn Lambert/Laura Tolomei

Our students have worked with great enthusiasm while out on work experience. They put together grocery hampers at Food bank and packed them on the shelves for customers to purchase. Our class were given very important jobs every Monday and Tuesday - This included walking across to Woolworths and buying all the ingredients needed for healthy, delicious food prepared by our Breakfast Club. Their other weekly job was to clean the kitchen after recess, this included cleaning the dishes, washing and folding tea towels and refilling the detergent bottles at each kitchen sink. Another highlight was making different shaped cookies and enjoying them with each other. They were also out and about at Sport every Monday, where they played table tennis, table soccer, archery and prepared for the Footy carnival. At Rocky Bay they made String Art Patterns with animal silhouettes. Well done FG03 for all your great effort this term.

Integrated Lifeskills

Danielle Du Plessis, Julie Higham, Duncan Sanders

This Term in Life Skills the students learned about Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and made a beautiful piece of wall art of the Rainbow Serpent. In keeping with our story theme, we then learned about libraries and what they have on offer. The students learned that libraries are not only just for taking out books but that that we can also use computers and the internet there, go there for certain activities or just go there to enjoy some quiet time. The students took part in recreating old stories, doing a scavenger hunt in the library and even made beautiful designs on their own library bags. If you would like to learn more about libraries have on offer have a look at Calendar | City of Mandurah . They also offer School Holiday Guide (which should come out soon) where you can see an array of activities for all different ages. Most of these activities are very affordable and quite a few are also free.

The students also enjoyed building and getting to play 2 new Electric Guitars in the workshop. It was particularly exciting having Dave from Hell's Bells visit us to demonstrate his skills. He showed us how great our new guitars sound. We also recently entertained students from Kenwick School who came to visit us to make and launch rockets as part of a collaborative STEM project. Our students made music and cooked hot dogs for our visitors. We also attended an interesting excursion to Mandurah Arts Centre to view a play which helped provide a deeper understanding about living with autism. Students then enjoyed lunch at the playground at Dolphin Quay. Students also visited and had a great time at Scitech this term. As always, a busy term but fun as well as hard work.


Julie Higham

During Maths this term Group 1 have learnt to calculate the cost of different events such as parties and picnics. We have practised our calculator skills and made 2D and 3D shapes. Groups 2 and 3 have learnt about the order of operations, multiplying decimals and ratio and scale.

All the teachers in the class have been blown away by students’ willingness to help each other and to explain their mathematical thinking and observations to the whole class.

They are doing an amazing job!


Jocelyn Carosin/Lorna Craggs/Trish Bradford

Students have continued to work on their assessments on Thursdays, as well as undertaking their workplace learning on Fridays, as part of the Certificate I in Leadership course.

The Leadership students have continued to run their Kanga Café each Friday and it’s been a very successful enterprise run by the students. Staff have expressed such appreciation and supported Kanga Café each week, thank you JTCESC Staff. Thank you, students, for all your hard work in making delicious hot coffees, scones and pancakes throughout Term 3.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s happened throughout Term 3.

  • Leadership students used public transport to travel to Perth to attend the Disability Expo at the Perth Convention Centre.
  • Leadership students practiced their leadership skills by participating in a Land Mine activity. Students had to direct their blindfolded partner to collect hidden stones, all whilst avoiding the “land mines”. Students got to recognize their own leadership style.
  • Leadership students created a Blue Tree for RU OK Day. The Blue Tree Project is helping raise awareness around mental wellbeing by helping spark difficult conversations and to remember it's OK to have a blue day. Students and staff were encouraged to messages to hang on the “Blue Tree”.
  • Leadership students participated in the ArtWave exhibition where they created their own designs on mini surfboards.
  • Leadership students made a start on the JTCESC Community Garden. Students assembled a small green house and a compost tumbler which will be used in the garden. Students also worked on weeding and raking, pruning, and digging up old plants to lay the vegetable beds over.
  • Leadership students attended the ARCO Junior Play held at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre to watch a play about a young man named Adam Kelly who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


Meagan Green/Nat Harris/Nat Cook/Sue McAlpine

This term hamburgers have been a sell out with students excelling in preparation, set up and customer service. Within their studies they have been scheduling and prioritising work duties, organising store areas and learning about their work rights and requirements.

Having completed most of their units for Certificate 1 in Retail Services students have enjoyed a special excursion to Harvey Cheese and The Crooked Carrot.


Mark Barritt/Sharan Hegney/Jacquie Willcocks

During Term 3 the construction students have been working on completing their brick arches. They have been practicing teamwork, setting up the work area in the morning and cleaning up and packing away the tools and equipment in the afternoon, and working in teams whilst building their projects. Students have also been practicing wall tiling and creating their own individual mosaics.


Laura Tolomei/Charm Guest/Tess Wyllie

Art has been an adventure this term. The focus has been on stepping outside our comfort zone in our artwork. The students made art using tools, techniques and ideas different to what they would usually use. We tried timed drawings where students had 15 minutes to draw a still life with pencil only, no erasers. At first, they found it a bit hard, but it didn’t take long for most people to produce artwork they were pleased with. Students also had the opportunity to follow their own creative ideas.

We had a go at ceramics, making bowls, plates and sculptures. We are now waiting patiently for them to dry so we can glaze and fire them.

Our last project for the term is lino block printing. So far, we have designed our block and cut it out. Next term, we can print them. It’s always exciting to see how they turn out. Ms Tolomei is very strict about using the tools safely. She does not like blood and, if we cut ourselves, she has to fill in paperwork about it and she HATES doing paperwork. :)

Fabulous work this term everyone.


Mark Barritt/Danielle Du Plessis/Jacquie Willcocks/Sheri Henderson/Jessica Tipton

Most students have completed their major projects for the year, making either a pine table, a planter /storage box or a workmate, and now need to add their own personal touches and colours, well done they are looking great.

Students have also been working hard to get their ASDAN portfolios completed.

Emergency Cadet Program

Duncan Sanders/Sharan Hegney/Nat Harris

In Cadets this term the students have been busy studying the causes and effects of natural disasters including earthquakes, tsunamis and especially bushfires. Students have also built on their knowledge of the NATO Phonetic alphabet and honed their skills using a Walkey Talky to send and receive a phonetic message. The students enjoyed this, especially the Treasure Hunt game, they have also studied maritime safety and will continue this next term.

Recently the students enjoyed an excursion to the Aviation Heritage Museum in Bull Creek and the War Memorial in Fremantle. The students even had the chance to sit in many of the planes and helicopters. Our focus now shifts to the two Cadet Camps in Term 4 as well as a fire extinguisher training incursion.

WorkPlace Learning

Marg Bowman

Workplace Learning is a very important program. It gives students the opportunity to work in a real workplace and to obtain and develop genuine skills, as well as to get a written work reference from the employer or the school.

We are pleased to announce that all students have been receiving favourable comments from their employers during workplace learning.

Students have all represented the school in an excellent manner. The majority of students have also been very conscientious in filling out their logbooks, getting the employer to sign and bringing it to school for in class work.

Even though students have now completed their 10week placements, some students have been extended for further work experience until early November.

Elizabeth has had a fantastic placement with some great feedback from her employer. Her hard work has paid off and she is now employed by Woolworths as a casual employee. Well done Elizabeth.

We have a few students working with INTELIFE which has been a great success.

All students are now updating their resumes. Focus is on ensuring all students have a detailed resume which will be included in their graduation portfolios. We remind the students that their resume is an important document which will play a large part in life after school and will need to be updated as they complete courses and obtain employment.

Animal Studies

Jacquie Willcocks

Montana, Byron and Emma have all been working hard this term towards, assisting health care of animals, hygiene for animals, workplace health and safety processes and workplace communication.


Meagan Green

Shantell has worked hard in Hospitality in Term 3, she has covered hygiene practices for food safety, how to prepare and serve non-alcoholic drinks, safe work practices and working effectively with others.

She has made a chocolate explosion, peppermint hot chocolate, mojito mint hot chocolate, chocolate frappe and a chocolate rose frappe.


Jocelyn Carosin and Julie Woodman

It has been a busy Term 3, with a number of Year 12 students registering with Bizlink, a Disability Employment Service provider, who’s role is to help students find employment as part of their post school options. As a parent/carer, if you would like assistance in connecting your child to external service providers, NDIS, applying for Centrelink’s Disability Support Pension, or have any questions around your child’s transition into post school activities, please do not hesitate to contact -

Jocelyn Carosin or Julie Woodman, Transition Officers or send an email: or

In Week 8 and 9, our school welcomed our new students who will be enrolling at JTCESC next year. The Year 10 Halls Head College Education Support Centre (HHCESC) students took part in a ½ day Transition Program to help students become more familiar with their new school and meet their new School Principal, Teachers and Education Assistants which was a great success.

The students of HHCESC cannot wait to attend JTCESC in 2022 and both our students and staff are looking forward to building strong connections and positive outcomes for each new student.

Dates to Remember for Term 4

JTCESC Disability Expo – Mandurah Forum - Friday 4th November 2022
HHCESC Year 10’s at JTCESC Transition Full Days – Monday 28th November and Tuesday 29th November 2022

Breakfast Club

Meagan Green/Sue McAlpine

A big thank you to Foodbank Mandurah who provide us with items such as milk, bread, cereal and fruit enabling students to make themselves breakfast if they need.

Easy Chocolate Coconut Slice

Ingredients For the base

  • 150g butter melted & cooled
  • 200g (1 cup) brown sugar firmly packed
  • 1 egg lightly beaten
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 60g (½ cup) plain flour
  • 45g (⅓ cup) self-raising flour
  • 30g (¼ cup) cocoa powder
  • 40g (½ cup) desiccated coconut

For the icing

  • 200g (1 ½ cups) icing sugar
  • 30g (¼ cup) cocoa powder
  • 20g butter finely chopped
  • 2 tbs boiling water you may need to add extra water if your icing is very thick and difficult to spread
  • 2 tbs extra desiccated coconut for sprinkling


  1. Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius (fan-forced). Grease and line with baking paper a 20x20cm square tin.
  2. Place butter, sugar, egg and vanilla in a bowl, stir until combined.
  3. Sift flour and cocoa into bowl, add the coconut. Stir until mixture has combined.
  4. Spread mixture evenly into pan. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until just firm.
  5. To make the icing, sift icing sugar and cocoa into bowl.
  6. Add butter and boiling water, stir together.
  7. Spread warm slice with icing.
  8. Sprinkle remaining coconut over slice.

Other News

Meet our Team

I have been here at JTCESC since the start of Semester Two 2001. Prior to this I worked with Janet Neville (Principal at Mandurah Senior High School then here) last term of 2000 while she set up CEC along with Judi Sharp and Charm Guest. Janet then sent me and a teacher (who acted as Relief Principal until Deb Fieldwick arrived) from MSHS to start 2001 at HHCCESC.

For the first 14 years, I helped run a Textile Program which produced all the swimming teacher bibs for the state’s Austswim programs. When these were completed, all students got to make personal projects. A lot of students had no confidence or were quite disabled and didn’t think they would be able to sew anything. I would always be seeking ways in which I could get students involved and enjoy sewing e.g. changing the way the foot control got used, whether it was uses on the floor, desk or wheelchair table, or if the student controlled the fabric or the foot control with the help of staff. I make changes to suite the varying skills/physical levels of each student, thus ensuring that wheelchairs and profound physical disabilities are no barrier to inclusion of students in the sewing program (or any other subject area ran at school). It was always a great pleasure to be part of the student’s achievement, especially when they say to you “it’s impossible, I can’t do it” only to hear them respond with “wow I did it”. I currently use my sewing skills in our Leadership VET course program and last year’s Creative Manufacturing VET program.

Apart from working in a support role in all classrooms as the school grew from a handful of staff/students. I have also supported students in WPL, Tafe Horticulture (many years), Tafe Hospitality, work experience groups with high needs students.

I have gained my Cert lll and lV in Education assistant and Cert l in Horticulture.

In 2014 along with Mark Barritt, Jacqueline Gellel (Principal) nominated us both for WAESPAA awards. We were the first two people to be put up for this award at our school. I was really chuffed about being recognised for all the work that I had done at this school.

I have really enjoyed my time working in Education Support. It can be challenging at times, but most rewarding when the students achieved something, they thought was impossible and you were part of their success.

Positive Behaviour Support

We have started an exciting new approach to Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) at JTCESC.

We are in the early stages of setting this up. A group of six staff members have undertaken a two-day professional development to gain an understanding of the implementation as it applies to our school. The team meets weekly to discuss and track the next steps of the implementation. The team consists of Kristin Lucas, Tarryn Lambert, Julie Woodman, Trish Bradford, Jessica Tipton and Meagan Green.

PBS is an approach to school improvement which is made up of four elements and is individualized to meet the needs of the school. We are in the early stages and have implemented a raffle ticket system where students get raffle tickets for displaying positive behaviour. Each week a student’s name is drawn from the pool of tickets for that week, and they get a choice of prize such as a $10 voucher of choice, free time once their work is finished etc…

Our next step is to work with the staff and students to create our own set of expectations for our school. Watch this space for what expectations the students and staff at JTCESC feel reflect our school.

Footy Tipping

Congratulations to our footy tipping winners –

Top student tipper – Elizabeth
Overall top tipper – Mrs Craggs

School Board

2022 School Board members –

Laura Tolomei – Chairperson
Vivienne Cantem, Chelsea Parkey, Nancy Hartnett, Lisabeth Hooper, Chilambe Kaweme, Debbie Byett, Jocelyn Carosin and Cran Collis

School Uniform


All students at the John Tonkin College Education Support Centre are required to wear approved clothing purchased at Fully Promoted (formerly EmbroidMe), 72 Reserve Drive, Mandurah.


  • Navy polo shirt with school logo
  • Navy/black tracksuit pants
  • Navy/black shorts
  • Plain navy-blue/black cap – no inappropriate logos
  • Plain coloured socks – black, white, grey, blue
  • Closed-in appropriate shoes

JTC ESC – Code of Conduct

All Students and Staff have the RIGHT to work in a clean and safe environment.


  • Appropriate language and behaviour
  • Treat equipment appropriately
  • Zero tolerance of bullying
  • Be aware of personal space
  • Phones off and away (8.00am-2.40pm)
  • No smoking on school grounds


  • Follow mobile phone rules
  • Wear correct uniform
  • Be punctual
  • Be kind to all
  • Be prepared for all classes
  • Stay within set boundaries – students not to leave the premises during school hours.

Useful Links:

Health Department of WA

Healthy WA

Coronavirus (COVID – 19) Health Alert

City of Mandurah


Beyond Blue

Department of Social Services

The Salvation Army Australia

St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies)

The Uniting Church

Black Dog Institute

Anglicare WA

Foodbank Australia

Halo Team


Kids Helpline