About Our School

Class Structure

John Tonkin College Education Support Centre creates its class structure based upon the professional judgements of staff with the aim of creating the best learning environment for each student.


The administration team establishes class structures for the following year based upon anticipated enrolments in accordance with the School Education Act Employee’s General Agreement. Once class structures have been finalised, generally mid Term 4, teachers meet to establish class lists for the following year.

Factors that teachers take into consideration when allocating students to classes include:

  • The best educational and emotional needs of each student
  • Creating classes that are balanced with respect to academic, performance, social development and classroom behaviour
  • Special circumstances such as twins or individual family matters
  • Constraints of resources or facilities

Parents may be consulted on class placement if deemed necessary by the Principal or class teachers.

The Principal shall have the final decision on individual placement of students. If parents have a specific class placement request, this must be placed in writing to the Principal

Requests must cite only educational reasons, whether it be academic or social/emotional.