John Tonkin College Education Support Centre (JTCESC) is incredibly fortunate to have a dedicated Transition Officer who plays a vital role in helping our students successfully transition into post-school life. The Transition Officer’s main objectives include:


1. Hosting information sessions with external agencies: Our Transition Officer facilitates informative sessions that connect our students, parents/carers, and support agencies. This ensures that everyone involved is well-informed about the available resources and support systems.

2. Assisting with Centrelink and external agency connections: Our Transition Officer actively helps our students and their parents/carers in navigating the processes and requirements involved in accessing Centrelink support and external agency services. This aims to alleviate any potential challenges and streamline the transition process.

3. Building networks with relevant therapy organizations: Our Transition Officer connects with different therapy organizations that are pertinent to the individual needs of our students. This collaboration enhances the support we provide and ensures that our students receive the necessary therapy services.

4. Creating information packs on community activities: Our Transition Officer compiles information packs that outline community sporting and leisure activities aligned with the students’ interests and future goals. These packs encourage community engagement, help establish relationships, and foster independence in social settings.

5. Providing information to Year 11 students: The Transition Officer supports incoming Year 11 students at JTCESC by sharing information about the available support and events within the community. This enables our students and their parents/carers to make informed decisions regarding post-school options.

6. Contributing to community events: Our Transition Officer actively participates in working groups that support the planning and execution of City of Mandurah community events. This involvement fosters community interaction and highlights the importance of inclusivity.

7. Organizing programs with feeder schools: The Transition Officer coordinates programs with feeder schools such as Meadow Springs Primary School ESC, Riverside Primary School ESC, and Halls Head College ESC. These programs involve students from these schools coming to JTCESC for six-week blocks to experience our cooking and workshop activities. These partnerships have proven to be highly beneficial for smooth transitions and positive outcomes for future students.