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School Buses


School Bus Services (SBS) is responsible for providing students with special needs free transport assistance to and from school on contracted school buses.

These services are vital to ensure that students are able to attend School, Peel is the zone for John Tonkin College Education Support Centre.

At JTCESC, staff members are present at the bus stop to meet and greet all students as they arrive. At the end of the school day students are assisted onto correct buses for their ride home.

To be eligible for Transport Assistance for travel to an Education Support Facility including LDC (Language Development Centre), an education support student must, under normal circumstances.

  • Be enrolled at an education support facility in a government or non-Government facility.
  • Not be able or be competent to make their own way to the facility safely.
  • Be regularly attending the facility.
  • Be under 19 years of age.
  • Attend the closest appropriate Government (including a LDC) or non-Government facility to a student’s residence.

To be eligible for Transport Assistance in respect of travel to an education support facility, a student is normally expected to travel to and from their facility (i.e. to and from the one address) at least three full days per week (i.e. three mornings and three afternoons).

Students who cannot travel to their facility regularly (i.e. because of their disability or medical condition) will only be approved for Transport Assistance under exceptional circumstances.

If a student is unable to travel at any time or for any period, Parents/Carers should contact the bus staff at the earliest opportunity.

There is a minimum requirement of trips taken per week. However, SBS is aware that because of a child’s disability and/or medical conditions it may mean that a child cannot meet this requirement.

For more information or to apply, please contact School Bus Services:, 9326 2625,, click on “parents” then select “how to apply”.




Students can apply for a SmartRider card which will give them a student rate for all travel Monday to Friday during the school year and concession fares on the weekend and during Christmas holiday periods.

Students using public transport to and from school should use the Transperth Journey Planner to find the most suitable options to arrive and depart on time.

For students new to JTCESC it is recommended that they do a practice run before the first day of school and ensure that they are going to the correct campus and have knowledge of bus stop locations.