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Canteen/Breakfast Club

The JTC School Canteen is no longer operating.  If and when circumstances change, we will update students and parents with information.

Breakfast Club

 Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club enables all students at our school to enjoy a nutritious breakfast, allowing them to engage and participate fully in all the educational and social opportunities that school offers. In addition to breakfast foods, our breakfast club is ran in our school commercial kitchen as a sit down model to help build students skills by:

  • Offering opportunities for students to learn how to serve food, eat together and clean up
  •  Inclusive social environment, reduces stigma
  •  Provides opportunities for staff to build relationships with students
  •  Suitable for serving a wider variety of foods

*All dietary requirements are taken into consideration and food safe practices observed.


Breakfast Club is available to any student from 8am – 8.20am weekdays.

Morning Tea available

Monday – 10:20am -10:40am

Tuesday – 10:20am – 10:40am

Wednesday – 10:20am – 10:40am

Thursday – N/A

Friday – 10:20am – 10:40am

Foodbank supports programs that give students the opportunity to eat a wholesome, nutritious breakfast on a regular basis. Having breakfast has been shown to have a positive impact on factors such as physical and mental health, social skills, concentration, behaviour, attendance and academic outcomes.

Breakfast Club

Foodbank provides food relief to more than a million people each month. We are the pantry to Australia’s charity sector, providing food and groceries to 2,950 frontline charities.

We know one in three people struggling to get enough food for their household needs are new to the situation.

There is no shame in asking for help. Life happens to us all and we’re here for everyone.

For more information Food Assistance | Foodbank WA