About Our School

School Board



Laura Tolomei – School Board Chair

The school board at JTCESC consists of parents, community and staff members. They work with the school community to monitor and review the Business Plan as necessary. The decisions of the board support and strengthen the school’s delivery of a comprehensive and broad life-skills education encompassing social, emotional, physical and intellectual learning.


Some of the responsibilities of an Independent Public-School Board are to

  • Contribute to the Business plan
  • Endorse and review the annual budget
  • Create interest in the school within and across the community
  • Approve fees, charges and personal items lists

Role of School Board members

  • Parent members of the Board bring their experience as parents at the school, and the views and context of the wider school community to Board meetings
  • Community members bring a particular skill to the Board. This may include business, accounting or building skills, or some other skill that the school is looking for at the time
  • Department of Education employees bring their educational expertise to Board meetings

The School Board does not

  • Manage the day to day running of the school
  • Discuss individual issues relating to teachers, staff or parents
  • Represent specific interest groups, or permit special interests to dominate the agenda
  • Intervene in the education instruction of students

We are always looking for new members to join our team so please contact the school if you are interested in joining., 9583 0571.